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The Society of Earth Scientists jointly with Springer-Verlag has established “The Society of Earth Scientists Series” publishing high quality scientific papers, in English, in all the domains of earth sciences- geology, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, oceanography, environment and soil sciences as numbered Special Publications. Under this series Seminar/conference proceedings, edited and/or single author volumes on the topics of global interest may be published. Please visit

If you have any such proposal in mind or in making and wish to publish with us, please send your proposal to


ISSN: 2194-9204
Price: 99,95 €

Description: One of the fundamental goals of earth system science research is to adopt a more holistic view of the earth as a ‘system’ comprising different domains. The Society of Earth Scientists has brought out this multidisciplinary publication to emphasize the need of an integrated approach to understand the Earth system.

It focuses on natural disasters and, in particular, on climate change and its effects in Asia and understanding the significance of these developments within the context of the paleo-climatic record. The later sections of the book then focus on other types of natural disasters as well as those induced by human interaction with our environment.

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