5th SES Foundation Day

The Executive Council of The Society of Earth Scientists (SES) decided to organise its ‘Foundation Day’ on 17th April every year at different locations across the country. As such an appeal was made to selected Fellows of SES belonging to different organisations /institutions located at different cities. We received overwhelming response and this year we could organise it at Lucknow, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Nainital, Allahabad, Mumbai, Tirupati, Thiruvananthapuram and KGF, (Karnataka). First of all, on behalf of the EC, I extend our sincere thanks to Fellows of the SES who came forward to organise the event- Dr. C. M. Nautiyal, Lucknow; Dr K. Veeraswamy, Hyderabad; Dr. Shiv Mohan, Ahmedabad; Prof. Santosh Kumar, Nainital; Dr. J. K. Pati, Allahabad; Prof. T. N. Singh, Mumbai; Dr. Alok Tori, Tirupati; Dr. R. Ajayakumar Varma, Thiruvananthapuram and Dr. Ajay Naithani, KGF. The organisation of the event at different locations gave a strong message to the earth science community of India that we are united to address any problem of earth sciences collectively. It also confirms strong base of SES and the commitment of its Fellows towards the SES objectives. Some of the Fellows were also interested to organise the event at their place but could not do so due to some earlier commitments. I hope next year more no. of Fellows will come forward for the same. SES also expresses sincere thanks to all the learned scientists who gave lectures at the occasion. Our sincere thanks to Sri P.N.Shah, Director, UPRSAC, Lucknow; Prof. Mrinal K. Sen, Director, CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad; Prof. A. Jayaraman, Director, NRAL, Tirupati; Dr. N. P. Kurian, Director, CESS, Thiruvananthapuram; Dr. V. Venkateswarlu, Director, NIRM, KGF for extending their support and guidance in organising the event.

I also sincerely acknowledge the guidance and support received from Dr. Mukund Sharma, President; Dr. Rameshwar Bali, Vice-President, Mr. Alok C. Pande, Joint Secretary, Dr. Deepali Kapoor, Treasurer, Dr. V. P. Sharma, Member, EC, Dr. (Mrs.) Neerja Jha, Dr. A.K. Tangri, Dr. A. Uniyal, Dr. S. Rao, Dr. B. Thakur and many others.