International Field Workshop on Marwar Supergroup

The Organizing Committee of the International Field Workshop on the Marwar Supergroup, Rajasthan, western India is glad to welcome participants to Rajasthan-the geologically important and the culturally vibrant state of India. Geological past of this area encompasses successions from Precambrian to Recent time periods. Remanent of the Rodinia Supercontinent are found in the Nagaur – Ganganagar basin and the sedimentary sequences of the basin constitute the Marwar Supergroup (MSG). In recent past, various aspects of the geology of the MSG have been explored. Palaeobiology, biostratigraphy, palaeomagnetism, isotope geochemistry, geochronology, basin evolution, palaeobiogeography and hydrocarbon potentials of the basin are well established. These disciplines have attracted several research groups from India and abroad to study and examine the various interesting sections of the Marwar Supergroup. Studies were focused to understand the basin configuration, palaeolatitudinal situation in geological past and their relation with the global events during Cryogenian – Ediacaran – Cambrian.
Palaeobiological data have increased exponentially regarding the understanding of early megascopic as well as microscopic life during the enigmatic Ediacaran and Cambrian Period of the Marwar Supergroup. Some of these studies have challenged established notions about the development of lithosphere and biosphere during the Neoproterozoic. The main aim of the workshop is to assess the recent developments in various fields. This workshop offers several interesting sections for the study of palaeobiology, sedimentology and biostratigraphy. 34 participants from countries like Argentina, China, Germany, Oman, Spain, UK, USA and India have confirmed their presence in the workshop. During 9 days field workshop, we will examine 25 stops covering the representative lithostratigraphy of the Marwar Supergroup. We have made all efforts to incorporate all the major specialities in the field workshop related to palaeobiology, sedimentology, geochronology and palaeomagnetism to suit various participants with their expertise.
The programme consists of half day pre-field workshop formal inauguration in the afternoon of 20th January at Jodhpur in which a few lectures on the Malani Igneous Suite, Ediacaran-Cambrian palaeobiology, palaeo-position of the basin and stratigraphy of the Marwar Supergroup would be delivered by the invited speakers. During the field workshop we will be camping at Jodhpur, Nagaur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer (Sam) districts of the Rajasthan State. The valedictory session of the workshop will be held at Hotel Rajputana, Jodhpur on Tuesday 28th January 2014. In the intervening period, we will cover about 2500 km on wheels. Participants may fly back from Jodhpur on 28th January or stay back for enjoying the beauty and marvels of Rajasthan.